News: Jenna Lee from Fox News Now Supports Fueled By The Fallen Angel Series

Fox News Jenna Lee "Happening Now" show host gives national attention to Fueled By The Fallen 9/11 Angel Cruisers on behalf of America's Heroes.

Fueled By The Fallen Remembers with Remax

It was really nice talking with you in Mesquite the othere day. That was good to know that there is a person like you reminding the tragic event to people and the future… Take care and hope you guys keep doing well on what you have been doing for 9.11. Hiro Matsunaga Hiroshima Japan

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It has been amazing to be here in New York this weekend. It would have been very difficult to avoid being absorbed by the huge surge of emotion you could feel everywhere, as New Yorkers got on with the job of remembering the attack of the twin towers ten years ago and honouring their dead. There have been documentaries and special reports being broadcast constantly and every museum and gallery have some sort of commemorative event. Security was increased over the weekend – signs on buses said "if you see something, say something". We were photo ID'd virtually everywhere we went. Our stuff went through scanners at the Empire State Building. There were dogs and police and soldiers everywhere. Flashing lights and road blocks meant we had to take a diversion on virtually every journey we took either by cab or when we walked. Cars were getting pulled over and checked with torches endlessly. I don't suppose there was a safer place on earth this weekend, despite the level 3 terror alert.

Where else in the world would you find a fleet of specially designed police cars with the licence plates Angel 1, 2, 3 and so on with the names of the dead listed on the paintwork: